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News and Insights

RETO’s New Materials Park construction officially started
RETO Launched The TO C Sales Model via JD.com
RETOannouncedthegrandopeningofthe ‘RETOFlagshipStore’ atJD.comon12/24/2018.Aftertwomonthsoftrialoperation,RETOFlagshipStore hasachievedgoodmarketresponse.Thisisthefirstproject landed toexploretheonlin

Ecological  Construction Projects

ReTo Eco-Solutions, Inc.

Ecological Construction Consulting


Eco-Friendly Construction Materials Manufacturing Equipment

Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

ReTo's Strategies

Our objective is to become the leading provider of eco-friendly construction materials and equipment.......

About ReTo

We are a manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly construction materials (aggregates, bricks, pavers and tiles), made from mining waste (iron tailings) and fly-ash, as well as equipment used for the production ......

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