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RETO Group AttendedThe Signing Ceremony Of The 2022 Ordos Zero Carbon Industry Summit

Recently, the 2022 Ordos Zero Carbon Industry Summit with the theme of "New Energy, New Industry, New Ecology" was held in Ordos. LixiaWang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Chairman of the Autonomous Region, and Li Li, Secretary of the Ordos Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered speeches respectively. XiaopingLi, President of RETO Group, attended the launching ceremony of the signed major projects.

Subsidiary of ReTo Eco-Solutions Wins Bid to Develop RMB1.318 Billion EOD Project

Beijing, China – August9, 2022 – ReTo Eco-Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: RETO) (the “Company”) today announced that the consortium led by the Company’s subsidiary REIT Ecological Technology Co.,Ltd. (“REIT Eco”) has won the bid for the Longxi County Comprehensive Land Management and Logistics Zone (Yangjia River Band) EOD Project, an ecological oriented development project in Longxi County, Gansu Province, China(the “EOD Project”).

About ReTo

We are a manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly construction materials (aggregates, bricks, pavers and tiles), made from mining waste (iron tailings) and fly-ash, as well as equipment used for the production ......


ReTo's Strategies

Our objective is to become the leading provider of eco-friendly construction materials and equipment.......


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