Products and Services

Products and Services

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Products and Services

We are able to provide a full spectrum of products and services, from producing eco-friendly construction materials and manufacturing equipment used to produce construction materials, to project consulting, design and installation. We utilize our research and development efforts to differentiate us from our competitors. For example, we released our first fully automatic block production line in 1999, and have made advances in our technology, such as intelligent automatic systems, which allows us to access our customers’ equipment remotely to troubleshoot problems.


Our Products


Eco-Friendly Construction Materials


We produce eco-friendly construction materials (aggregates, bricks, pavers and tiles) through our subsidiary, REIT Mingsheng Environment Protection Construction Materials (Changjiang) Co., Ltd. (“REIT Changjiang”), which operates our plant in Changjiang County, Hainan Province. We refer to our construction materials as eco-friendly because we produce them from reclaimed fly-ash and iron mine tailings. When power plants use coal to generate electricity, fly-ash is the lightweight and powdery reside from the coal combustion process. Fly-ash is typically disposed of in landfills and ash ponds, although some may be released directly into the atmosphere. With ever-rising energy demand fueled by China’s economic growth, power plants are generating increasing amounts of fly-ash that consumes valuable landfill and ash pond space. Tailings are the materials left over after the process of separating the valuable fraction from the worthless fraction of an ore. Iron ore tailings generally consist or hard rock and sand. Waste rock and tailings constitute the largest (by volume) industrial solid waste generated in the mining process. By recycling fly-ash and iron tailings, we believe that our construction materials manufacturing process is a viable and environmentally friendly solution to disposal problems associated with these materials.


Traditional bricks in China consist primarily of clay, which is mixed with water and silt, pressed into a mold for shaping, then fired in a kiln, or furnace. We use reclaimed fly-ash and iron tailings primarily as a substitute for clay. Through vibration technology, with these raw materials inputted, the finished products can come out with different shape and types. Since the whole production is cured without fire, this process has the benefits of less space required for production and less pollution generated to the environment. We believe fly-ash and iron tailings reduce both the density and heat conductivity of our construction materials without sacrificing their durability and strength. Our construction materials’ density and strength meet or exceed China National standards. In addition, because we use fly-ash and iron tailings in the manufacturing process, we believe our construction materials are consistent with China’s recent environmental protection policies, such as energy conservation included in the 2016 China’s 13th Five Year Plan (2016-2020).


In addition to fly-ash and iron tailings, our construction materials contain river sand and granite. Our eco-friendly construction materials are produced on a fully automatic production line based upon German technology.


Samples of our eco-friendly construction materials include the following:


Ground works materials. Essential materials for sponge cities to assist in water absorption, flood control and water retention. These construction materials can be used for urban roads, pedestrian streets and sidewalks, city squares, landmarks, parking lots, and docks.



Landscape retaining materials. These construction materials are mainly used for gardens, roads, bridges, city squares, retaining walls and slope construction.



Hydraulic engineering materials. Construction material for sponge city construction, they can be used for hydraulic ecological projects such as slope protection and river transformation.



Wall materials. These construction materials are used for insulation, decoration, and for building walls.




Eco-friendly Construction Materials Manufacturing Equipment


We produce manufacturing equipment used to create eco-friendly construction materials. We have sold equipment to customers in China, South Asia, North America, the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. The equipment consists of large-scale fully automated production equipment with hydraulic integration. The equipment can be used to produce various types of eco-friendly construction materials that can be used for a variety of projects such as ground works, hydraulic engineering, landscape retention and wall projects.


Pictured –Fully Automatic Block Production Line


Samples of our equipment used to produce construction materials include the following:


REIT-Classic RT9A, RT9B, RT15A, RT15B

These are fully automated block production lines and can be universally used for the manufacture of bricks, tiles, pavers with and without face mix, curbstones, hollow blocks and similar construction materials.


Horizontal Pull Holes Device

Horizontal Pull Holes Device is used to produce interlocking bricks, water conservancy blocks and slope protection blocks.


REIT-I Concrete Block Splitter

Synchronized concrete block cutting machine with four blades. The blades are guided by ultra-wear resistant guide leads and driven by a large bore hydraulic drive, which lowers the operating pressure of the hydraulic unit and increases the splitting force.


REIT Foam Insert Device

This device is used to insert a foam plate into the mold and produce thermal insulation blocks.



Our Projects


In 2014, we entered into the field of urban ecological construction (sponge city construction) and established REIT Technology and REIT Construction for this purpose. We act as general contractor for the construction of sponge cities and are responsible for the planning, construction and design of such cities. We subcontract with architects and subcontractors in order to complete the projects. We also act as a consultant for sponge city construction and incorporated Dingxuan for this purpose.


Changjiang County, Hainan Province Sponge City


We were the general contractor for a sponge city project where an entire village was relocated and constructed in a former mining area. The project took 16 months to complete resulting in revenue of approximately RMB 14 million ($2.2 million) for us. We made all construction materials out of recycled iron tailings. A total of 86 single-family homes were built with a total construction area of 9,400 square meters (101,000 square feet). An estimated 1,810,000 pieces of bricks were used for walls, 90,000 roof tiles, and 4,200 square meters (approximately 45,000 square feet) of ground was covered with our construction materials. The completed project has won recognitions at various government levels in Hainan Province, and has been designated as a demonstration or model project for promotion of sponge city construction.




Haikou City, Hainan Province Sponge City

We acted as a consultant for a sponge city project in Haikou City, Hainan Province. We also paved 50,000 square meters for this project. To assist with the nationwide efforts to promote pilot cities in sponge city construction, we will collaborate with international institutions in sponge city construction such as Jude Technology Corporation located in Germany. By gradually increasing our efforts, and expanding the scale in the planning, design and construction of sponge cities, we aim to become a key enterprise in sponge city construction.





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