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Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Beijing, we are a manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly construction materials (aggregates, bricks, pavers and tiles), made from mining waste (iron tailings) and fly-ash, as well as equipment used for the production of these eco-friendly construction materials. We provide a full range of eco-friendly project solutions and are not limited to the manufacture of eco-friendly construction materials or manufacturing equipment. We provide consulting, design and implementation services relating to sponge-city projects for customers. This one-stop solution allows us to capture revenue from all stages of sponge-city projects. In addition, the ability to provide total solutions allows us to service a broader group of customers, including municipalities and local governments, because we are able to construct sponge-city projects.

We believe our products are eco-friendly as they contain approximately 70% of reclaimed fly-ash and iron tailings in place of traditional cement and aggregates. In addition, our eco-friendly construction materials consume less energy during manufacturing than other traditional building materials. Presently, our clients are located in mainland China, and internationally in Canada, the United States, Mongolia, Middle East, India, South Asia, North Africa and Brazil. We engage in marketing and sales through integrated marketing, services marketing and Internet marketing.

We are able to provide a full spectrum of products and services, from producing eco-friendly construction materials and manufacturing equipment used to produce construction materials, to project consulting, design and installation. We utilize our research and development efforts to differentiate us from our competitors.